Teacher Candidates at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto Teacher candidates pointing to a bird on a field trip in their teaching methods course


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This section of the website aims to share resources useful for ESE and Pre-service Teacher Education. Click on the Quick Links above, or use the links with descriptions below to view these resources. If you have a resource to suggest for this section, please email us.

Books and Teachers' Guides on ESE

This section contains general books on ESE in Pre-service Ed, as well as books and teachers' guides that can be used to introduce ESE to teacher candidates. Read more...

ESE Associations

This section provides links to non-profit associations that develop ESE in all levels of education; these organiziations are listed provincially, nationally and internationally. Read more...

ESE Organizations & NGOs

This section provides links to educational organizations and NGOS known for their quality work in ESE in Canada and beyond. Read more...

Funding for ESE

Sponsors who have provided funding for ESE in K-12 and pre-service education is found in this section. Read more...

ESE Programs & Centres in Canada

This section links to centres, programs, and certificates in a variety of aspects in ESE in Faculties of Education in Canada. Read more...

TED Talks in ESE

This section provides links to TED talks useful for ESE in pre-service education.