Teacher Candidates at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto Teacher Candidates creating embodied nature-based art

Practice in ESE

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This section aims to shed light on what has happened in the past in ESE in Teacher Education, as well as document what is happening now in terms of best practices, teaching strategies, and course content. If you have materials to share for this section, email us.

ESE Case Studies

This section provides short case studies of ESE in practice in pre-service education in Canadian Faculties of Education. Read more...

ESE Syllabi

A database of course syllabi of ESE in practice in pre-service education is found on htis page. Read more...

DEEPER: Deepening EE in Pre-Service Education

This comprehensive resource shares best practices from faculty on Ontario teacher education programs; available in English & French. Read more...

ESE Videos

Visit our collection of videos that share ESE praxis in teacher education. Read more...

Indigenous Education and ESE

There are close connections between Indigenous Education and ESE that should be considered when teaching ESE in teacher education; these resources to help deepen this work. Read more...

ESE History in Pre-service Education in Canada

This page will provide a short history of the key events in the development of ESE in Canada. Read more...