ESE-TE Research Symposium

EECOM 2021 Conference - April 21-24, 2021
Join researchers and educators engaged in ESE in Teacher Education across Canada as they share research and . This symposium takes place April 21, 2021 as the first day of EECOM 2021. Register here.

AERA – EE Special Interest Group (SIG)

EE SIG at the AERA Conference
April 9-12 2021
Online Conference

Event Archive

Shifting ESE Online in Teacher Education

Recorded Webinar - Sept. 2020
Faculty from across Canada and the US discuss how they are pivoting environmental learning in teacher education to digital formats.

ESE-TE Research Roundtable 2018

October 18, 2018
Research Roundtable at EECOM's “Classrooms to Communities”

Info on the Research Roundtable

National Roundtable on Environmental Sustainability Education in Preservice Teacher Education 2016

June 14-16, 2016

The National Roundtable established a new national network of educators and researchers dedicated to strengthening Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) in preservice teacher education. It featured collaborative inquiry via roundtable discussions, research and ‘best practices’ presentations, keynote talks, and co-operative planning to develop an action plan to strengthen ESE in Canadian pre-service teacher education programs.
The National Action Plan

The Roundtable Schedule
Summaries of the Roundtable Presentations (and the list of Presenters)
The Roundtable Keynote Talks (videos)

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